• Mission and Vision of Children of Mary

We Care About

Diversity in
the Middle East

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  • We Care About Diversity in the Middle East

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Our Vision

Our work aims to sustain Christian presence and communities, in addition to supporting diversity in the Middle East, specifically in Lebanon where our roots are.

Our Mission

A subset of our mission includes:

  • Social services to families and individuals in need, who have a demonstrated hardship because of civil strife, wars, environmental pandemics, and political persecution.
  • Aid in kind to the victims and victims’ families in the form of medical aid and support all in facilitating and extending medical care through authorized facilities across the US and abroad as it may be possible.
  • Help in education and sponsorships.
  • Conducting fundraising events to provide the adequate resources deemed necessary on a case-by-case basis.
  • Provide rations of food to needy families based on established need criteria.