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Our History

Established in 2019 in New Jersey, Children of Mary is a non-profit organization dedicated for the improvement of the quality of life of people in need.
Guided by Christian principles, we aim to play a growing role in the social and economic well-being of the United States by providing services, goods and resources to meet community needs, transforming shared beliefs and hopes into action.

About Us

In the US and throughout the world, children are the most vulnerable victims of economic crises.
Considering our roots hail from Lebanon, we are seeing our motherland transformed by foreign interference and leadership corruption from an oasis of freedom, prosperity and education into an impoverished land where many children are hardly getting the proper nutrition let alone a decent education.
Lebanon has always been a beacon of inter-faith coexistence in the orient. For it to continue of what Pope John-Paul too called, “more than a country, a mission”. . Children of Mary are focusing on helping Lebanese Christians in all possible ways.


Together we can give Chris a 2nd chance to live!

Chris, a 4-year old boy, has been diagnosed with a severe muscular disease and is currently in a race against time. His treatment costs around 3 million dollars! The family should secure these funds before it’s too late. Every contribution counts!